How To Help Your Dog Live Longer

Once you bring a new dog into your home, he becomes part of your family. It’s your responsibility to love and care for him the same way you do for other family members. With time, the bond between you and him grows stronger and you become the best of friends. If you want your dog to live as long as possible so you can continue enjoying all the fun moments and activities together, here are some proven ways to help you do so:

Help Your Dog Maintain a Healthy Weight

There are high chances that you’ve been over-feeding your dog if you follow the serving instructions written on his food bag. Excess weight as you may already know makes your pet vulnerable to different health problems, which significantly reduces his lifespan and quality of life. So, talk to your vet to help you determine the amount of food to give him to maintain a healthy weight, says expert from Usually, trimmer dogs have more fun and live longer than their fat counterparts.

Beef Up His Exercise Routine

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Giving your dog enough mental and physical exercise daily will help him stay healthy, young and happy. However, before you start out any exercise routine, be sure to consult your vet first. He’ll be
able to advise you on the right type and amount of exercise for your dog. If he’s naturally lazy, try the following tips to get him moving:
If there isn’t any underlying medical condition that prevents him from walking, you should aim for at least 30 minutes of daily walk with him. Be sure to carry his favorite treat or toy to reward him whenever you go out.
Also, consider taking your dog for a swim regularly to help him keep fit and cool down. If he’s still very young, you can fill your bath tub with water up to his shoulders and supervise him while he swims.
Play interactive games like hide and seek, fetch or tug of war with him to keep him happy and fit. You can also hide his favorite treats and toys in different parts of the house and let him move around to find them. Just make sure the treats you use are low-calorie so that he doesn’t add weight.

Getting Him Treated When He’s Sick

Don’t ignore your pet if he shows unusual signs like lack of appetite, tiredness, limping or aggressiveness. And don’tplay the vet either by diagnosing him and buying over the counter drugs you think will cure him. Your best bet is to take him to a professional vet for proper diagnosis and treatment.
In addition, you should also take him to the vet for regular checkups even when he seems in good health. Ensure that all his preventative treatments and medications are up to date too.

Enrich His Life

Lastly, consider taking your dog to a doggie day care or to the park where he can interact with people and other dogs. While this will not increase his lifespan, it will surely improve his quality of life which is equally important.
Implement the above tips to keep your dog healthy and happy, and to help him live longer.