How To Remove Dog Urine From Your Carpet – A Step-By-Step Guide

People keep dogs for several reasons such as for protection, companionship, as well as to keep their home lively. However, despite the benefits of these pets, there are some disadvantages associated with keeping them, one of them being urine on carpets. Even though people train dogs to urinate on certain designated areas, sometimes they forget and find themselves urinating on carpets or even couches.

Every dog owner knows how awful and disgusting dog urine smell can be on carpets. I am sure that not many people would want to stay a minute extra in a house full of urine odor. That is why finding an effective way to rid your carpet of the bad smell is important. This article is meant to show you a simple way to remove the urine stain.

Locating The Exact Spot Where The Urine Stain Is

The initial step is to locate the exact spot where the urine is. This is not always easy especially when you did not see your pet urinating and the urine is already dry. You have two options to find a dry urine spot on the carpet.

The first method is by using a black light to help you locate the urine spot. Take note that in a dark room, urine spots fluoresce underneath an ultra violet light. This is how a black light helps identify urine spots on the carpet by illuminating the stains. The other way in case you cannot afford the black light is to kneel down and sniff all over the carpet till you find where the urine odor is coming from.

Usually, the smell of dry urine is very offensive; it will not take you long before you find it. However, in case the urine is still fresh, you must try to absorb it as soon as possible using paper towels. Use several paper towels to soak the urine as much as possible. This is vital in order to avoid encouraging bacterial growth that causes the smell.

Removing Urine Stain

The next step is to remove the urine stain. Mix white vinegar and water in the ratio of 1:1, ensuring that the quantity of the mixture is generous enough to clean the stain well. Either by using your fingers or a soft brush, work the mixture into your carpet making sure that it penetrates on both sides of the carpet.

Afterwards, use paper towels to blot and absorb the vinegar mixture. The vinegar mixture helps to neutralize ammonia that is present in pet urine. To remove the excess moisture, use either a dry or wet vacuum extractor.

Once the spot is nearly or completely dry, sprinkle a generous amount of baking soda on the stained area. Mix one teaspoon of liquid washing detergent with half a cup of hydrogen peroxide (3%), and then pour the mixture slowly into the baking powder. Use rubber gloves or a soft brush to work the hydrogen peroxide mixture and baking soda well on the carpet, and then allow the area to dry completely.

Finally, vacuum the area where the stain was and you are done. You will be left with a fresh smelling carpet free of pet urine.